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The Sweet Life


In history, honey has served as a symbol for abundance, self-improvement, truth + pleasure. Since the time of Ancient Greece, honey was used as a medicine to heal wounds and has been written about countless times in Scripture as something that is of heavenly bliss. The ‘Nectar of The Gods’ — also known as Ambrosia — was solely reserved for those who were considered divine beings, and although this nectar isn’t something entirely identifiable, it’s commonly believed to be honey. When you dive-deeper into the source of honey and observe honeybees and their process, these symbolic qualities I mentioned come through at even the very beginning (but that’s a conversation for another day). I stumbled upon these readings and found so much excitement as I just kept reading on and on. I was met with so much inspiration associated with a product that was once held at the highest regard but that we now use so frequently in our everyday lives. It felt inappropriate to depict the honey in this piece with anything other than gold leaf, so it forced me to work with this medium for the first time and I’m quite pleased with the end result.

Acrylic, gold leaf on canvas
32” x 2” x 32”
Signed and dated in 2023

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